"Step-By-Step Video Training On How To Hang & Finish Drywall"

Are YOU ready to tackle your drywall project
yourself, while saving your money and getting
the satisfaction of knowing YOU did it?


Hey, my name is Eddie Case.

I'm a general contractor and since 1992, my remodeling company and I have finished & remodeled more than 1000 kitchens, baths & basements. So as you can probably imagine, we've hung a lot of drywall. Now, I have condensed  EVERYTHING I've learned about hanging and finishing drywall into these easy to follow step-by-step training videos.

In fact, these videos are so easy to follow that even folks with ZERO drywall experience have been able to follow along and hang & finish drywall like a seasoned professional.

These extremely detailed, step-by-step, how-to videos will step you through everything you will need to do during the entire drywall hanging & finishing process.

These training videos will show you exactly how to successfully complete all phases of hanging and finishing your drywall for your project. They're are a must for any D.I.Y. person looking to finish their own drywall and get it done right the 1st TIME!

Here's just some of what you'll learn watching
these drywall training videos...

1) What materials you'll need to get started

2) What tools you'll need and exactly how to use them

3) How to position your drywall correctly to make hanging the easiest

4) How to measure and cut your drywall like the pros

5) How to fasten your drywall to your studs correctly

6) Tips on how to measure and layout your walls for the best results

7) How to cut around switch and outlet boxes perfectly

8) How to cut around recessed lighting fixtures for perfect circle cuts

9) How to tape your drywall joints (butt & tapered)

10) How to drywall tape your inside corners perfectly

11) How to 3 coat finish your drywall seams and inside corners

12) How to install and finish outside corner bead

13) How to sand drywall seams and corners for a "seamless" finished product

...And a LOT more.

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These training videos will give you all the professional guidance you'll ever need to hang and finish drywall like a pro. Owning these videos is just like having a seasoned drywall professional standing right beside you showing you exactly what to do next to avoid common rookie drywall hanging & finishing mistakes.

You'll learn all of my professional "Insider Techniques" that I've used and mastered for the last 20 years while finishing drywall for my clients, assembled step-by-step in exact detail in my drywall training videos.


What started out as a hobby posting videos on Youtube has turned into a powerful training aid that has already helped hundreds of regular guys just like you finish their drywall, basement & other building projects the same way professionals do it. Just check out some of these success stories:

"Hey Eddie and guys!  I bought the full series and love it!  I feel very empowered now to finish my basement - which means a whole lot to my family!  I have always been somewhat handy, but intimidated by framing - especially connecting to existing walls and spaces until these videos. Thank you!"

Scott Cook, Georgia

"Thank you for producing such an outstanding and to the point series of training videos. I just purchased the Pro Video Series and can't stop watching them. Your videos have given me all the detailed instructions I need and the confidence to finish my basement."

Merry Christmas, Afshin

"I live in Toronto, Canada. I recently bought your video collection. I just want to let you know that the videos were incredibly helpful. I cannot believe how much I learned. I am so happy I did not start my basement finishing project before I watched your videos.

They are FANTASTIC! I hope you sell thousands of copies. You deserve it, with such a well made product. All the best,"


"Hi Eddie, Thanks so much for the videos. They are by far the best instructional videos on the market for remodeling. I also wanted to check and see if the “Finishing Touches” video had been completed yet. Thanks again,"

Jerry Goodson

"Hi Eddie I have bought all your videos, they are best basement finishing video. I seen all 20 video . I learned lot , and able to finish my basement myself. I think every home owner should buy these video, and save lot of money by doing work by himself. In books you will miss so many things, things you explained in video , can not be explained in books.

Even somebody does not know english, still can learn lot of things. Thanks for making these video."

 Jasbir Bering

...and I've received hundreds more success stories just like them. Will you be the next one?

With my simple instructional videos you'll learn every single step of the drywall process.

You will have your friends scratching their heads trying to figure out how YOU did it, not to mention the intense satisfaction and pride you will have knowing that YOU were the one that actually made it happen!

My Iron-Clad 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I'm so sure that YOU will be able to hang and finish your drywall and achieve professional results that I'm giving you a 2 MONTH, NO QUESTIONS ASKED 100 PERCENT MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with your purchase! That's how confident I am in my training videos.

If at any time within 60 days of purchase you don't feel my training videos are right for you, simply contact me and I'll promptly issue you a full refund.

 How's that for a guarantee? That's how confident I am in this offering. I take all the risk for you, it's impossible for you to make a mistake.


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